Talk – the tool which shows what is important and unimportant

Plans. Many tasks. Important questions. Thinking sometimes is not enough to make a decision. Too many doubts and what to do? Practice a talk. Like sparring.

Talk in business is like a sparring before back in the business ring . This talk is a test which shows how ready you are for business performance.

Before you make a decision about something, talk about it to somebody. New thoughts can cross your mind. And all issues are verified again. Such a talk lets you realize what are key messages to share. What’s more, you are getting sure about some decisions. Such a talk is the test which delivers information about business value of concepts, plans, decisions.


Wanted a trustworthy person. His task is not only to listen to, but also to give a hard time. He is supposed to be a demanding sparring partner during a talk.

In this talk listening has 2 functions. Firstly, you can listen to yourself and check how fluently you can deliver messages. Secondly, you need a trustworthy listener who gives you a real chance to confront your thoughts, plans, decisions with another opinion. So, it is not just a person who listens to you, it is a sparring partner who:

  • demands that the issue be presented clearly (a test if you deliver message clear enough),
  • asks additional questions about important things (a test if you know your priorities),
  • shares with you his points of view (reveals your weak points in thinking).


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