The culture of knowledge is killing every one of us!

We know so much. Or rather the world is full of people who know – how to earn, how to build a brand, how to live. Do they really know or are they fooling you?

Knowledge has never been so available as it is now.

You don’t know how to do it? Buy a book, visit YouTube and find out. Pay for a training. Enrol to this or that. Public space has never been so full of promises as it is now.


Present public space connected with self-development, building personal brand, multiplication of reach is based on motivational communication. To put it simply, it is based on straightforward rules, the first of which  is the most important:

Say that you know. Without a blink.

Plus these three things:

  1. Say what they wanna hear.
  2. Describe the end (without road leading to it).
  3. Convey (convince) that you can do everything.


So simple and it works!

Simple pattern of establishing contact, sales and building your reach. It works. It works on us – people.

Because who doesn’t want to meet someone who knows?

Who doesn’t want to finally learn how to solve a problem or make a million?

Who doesn’t want to believe that anything is possible?!

Is motivational communication a blessing or a curse?

I do not know, but I learnt one thing: it collides with intra-communication; with what you believe in, what you desire and who you are. The problem is that external communication is a lot easier and more attractive than this unknown internal  one which do not know how to handle – how to talk with oneself. How to get “I know” out of the one who does not offer so many wonderful promises as all those who know, believe in themselves and tell you that you will make it. I am convinced that despite this knowledge spread by motivational communication… they still do not know. Why? Because they have no idea who you are.


Knowledge is a wonderful comfort.

Feeling of knowledge makes you feel comfortable. Comfort of being in the right place, making the right decisions – being smart. It helps you minimize discomfort. However, the most important things happen when you feel uncomfortable and conflicted, when you can say “I don’t know.”

It hurts and sometimes drives you crazy when you genuinely do not know what to do.

Then creativity is set free and forces you to think about who you are and which values guide you.  In such moment –  in this pain of being at the crossroads of doubts there might happen real Eureka!

Lack of knowledge is strength and knowledge is a trick.

I am a pagan to some extent. I am cautious when addressing many things. My English friend tells me that I am a very reserved person – I assume he knows what he says as he is the same. What do I mean? In order to explain that I have to tell you that I treat many matters as Protagoras did in case of gods:

“As to gods, I have no way of knowing either  that they exist or do not exist”.

Whole culture of ancient Greece was about looking for knowledge and discovery. For Greek people knowing was an ultimate thing.

There is nothing wrong in saying: “I do not know” because it does not prevent us from talking about what we have experiences and learnt so far.

But to experience, discover, learn is not equivalent to “know”.

In my pagan world "know" with all certainty is... a fraud.

Bragging about one’s knowledge is foolish. I very often feel that I know more than I don’t. However, we should not allow such honesty in modern world. I’m kidding! Now you know that it is trendy to say that you know. Without a blink.

Yes… I sometimes compare that what someone is preaching to what I do not know, but have learnt so far and… I wonder how he or she can call it knowledge.

You won’t learn anything from people who say they know.

Mostly, even if they know they give you a proverbial fish instead of teaching you how to catch it.

"To know" does not exist, but there is "to find out".

For that you need your own fishing rod, your own experience of fishing for answers to questions – finding out. Life is a constant journey of finding out various things step by step, day by day, experience after experience. However, there is never a state of “I know”. And even if there is , it is only a beautiful fraud.

Luckily, it is not only me who thinks that path from the perspective of life is more important than its end. I believe in that. The results matter in business (the end), but for me it is equally important how we achieve them.


What do you really know?

I know that I know nothing. Those who are more familiar with the case of Socrates know that his “I know that I know nothing” is deprived of context, but for me it is a symbol of a simple law:

If you know something at all… it is how much you still do not know.

Talk to those full of doubts, be reserved when approaching those whose attitude says: “I know and won’t hesitate to tell you about it”. It is a discussion with the first, and a shortcut with the latter. Use it as you want, but there is no guarantee of effect. You can buy some solution, but it isn’t necessarily your solution for something that is happening in your life. Knowledge of how to live in order to have no regrets, achieve goals important for us, how to live to make dreams come true and carry good is not an implant which can be inserted to replace some flaw. It isn’t sold anywhere.

Unfortunately every human is unique so no one in the world knows what is the best for him or her.

Mostly, even the person concerned doesn’t know it. It is entirely natural condition, the answer to which is finding out.

It is a pagan writing because I find Heraclitus paradoxes more convincing than happy lifestyle gurus who tell us how to live because they know. They make me laugh, and when I am in a bad mood I can’t get it why people buy it. Well, maybe I can, but I am still puzzled.

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