4 tips for writing better and more often

A glass of wine? Deadline? What about an energy drink? I guess, it’ll not help, but luckily, there are some practical advice how to deal with writing.

Firstly, be aware that nothing will help. If you dislike writing and you cannot see any deep sense of it, you won’t improve your writing. I suppose you can deal with important issues in your life and trust yourself: if you have a problem with writing, give up. It’s waste both of your time and energy.

If you enjoy writing, you don’t need any help. You realize that writing means knowing yourself and instant learning. Writing is like searching the best way of coping with yourself.

#1 What’s your rule?

Create your own rule which shows how you practise writing. Additionally, such a rule supports you and it lets trust yourself and develop. Ernest Hemingway has got his writing rule: 500 words a day. More, you can create even a kind of draconian law: no text, no going to bed.


#2What’s your ritual?

Join writing with another nice thing. Wake up in the morning and enjoy the silence at home. Take your notebook and sit in your favourite armchair. Or make yourself a cup of coffee and write. Balzac could drink 10 cups of espresso a day.

#3 How to deal with yourself?

Be smart. Observe yourself and practice intracommunication. Do not let escape yourself. Any ideas? Use a handy recorder or your mobile and record your thoughts any time and place you wish.


#4 Key customer?

If you really care about writing, treat it like an appointment with your key customer that gives you freedom in your life ( more money, more freedom you can afford). Will you cancel this appointment at last moment? Will you not deliver him a promised text?

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