Slow life

To live between past and future which means now.

Place: the Tuchola Forest

Nuclear holidays

To leave everything: winter, worries and shoes. Just travel away. With family. To the south -to the sun. Nothing gives such a joy like no duties and talks to nuclear family.

Place: Lanzarote.

Ice Castle

A colour of ice. A castle. A grey park around. And a pigeon colour of frozen pond surface. Silence.

Such a surprise. In Radziejowice.


Place: Radziejowice Castle


Tallinn has got much power over me. Even I am tired, sleepy with many dilemma in my head, I go out to meet this city. It shares its calmness with me.

The most quiet love in my life. The place I don’t talk much about. The place I like to be alone here. The place I want to come back again.

Place: Tallinn.

La dolce vita

You wake up. You are in the sun. Some steps and you swim in this lake. The morning silence everywhere. Then breakfast outside, a long walk, another jump into the lake and in the evening pizza with white wine della casa.

And this is happiness. It waits for everyone. It is impossible to have it always, every day, but a day, two, some… and there is! Its name is DOLCE and surname VITA. And it lives in Peschiera del Garda. It was mine for a while… Where is yours?

Location: Peschiera del Garda