Memes and building an expert’s image

We know them. Funny. Surprising. Memes share information and emotion. How can you use them to build an expert’s image and your brand?

Memes and pokemons

Every internet user sees them. A meme is a piece of info which is supposed to spread. Quite often it is a picture with a text, a quote. And such pictures are like an infection and they are passed from one internet user to another one. It reminds me pokemons – they are characteristic and animate our thoughts. Memes get imprinted on our minds.


Memes and image

An expert can use memes in building his/ her business image. This way he/she can promote his/her words – words which are worth reading and worth remembering.  And they are worth sharing.  An expert decides what he/she has interesting to say and share.

Anyway follow these basic rules:

  1. Texts / quotations should be easy to read.
  2. Remember about esthetic look of a meme which is something like your business card.
  3. Take care about graphic design coherence. Create your layout. ( See 1st Roman PR Rule).
  4. Choose your picture wisely.

If you paste words which are not yours, write the author’s name.

There is a simple rule about an expert’s meme:

your picture, your words, your message and your responsibility.

Meme – how to use it

You can use memes in a promotional campaign, e.g. to promote a book as my friend Anna Urbanska did it:

meme and book promotion








You can share this way motivating& inspiring thoughts and this way you share your vision of business and life. Like Darren Hardy:


meme and motovation









Memes can be also and educational tool. Thanks to them you can share what you believe. There is my meme about Roman PR Rule which I ‘discover’ and teach about them below:


meme and education








And meme doesn’t have to be about your professional life. If you do something interesting after hours, it can be an interesting piece of news. Share it and get a unique feature. There are a lot of PR specialists. Some of them write poems. Think how many were published. But there is the only one PR specialist who published the collection of poems ” Sub rosa”. What about you? Find out what’s your unique feature and think how to create memes about it.


meme and hobby







Plan your memes

If you are an expert and you’ve been building your position in the market, look through your publications and find words which are really yours – you identify with them and they offer a value to others.

How to create your meme?

  1. Write down your words.
  2. Read them and decide which of them you’d like to share.
  3. Choose a picture of yourself and paste there your words ( you can use a special programme e.g. PhotoScape). Remember to inform that you are the author and where these words were published.
  4. Share the meme in social media.
  5. Learn about opinions about your meme. Encourage to comment and / or mail to some people to ask about their opinions.

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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