Coffee PR – continuation

Open space arranged with minimalistic and functional design. Coffee is waiting. He’s waiting, too. The boss for others and for me the person about whom I will know more soon.

We share our ideas both about life and business. We answer questions about goals. We learn about values which are important for us. It might be my future client. It’s possible that I’ll get an order from him one day. Maybe. I don’t know. Now we have an amazing talk. Without obligation. The crucial is learning each other. Yes, I practise coffee PR.

Who chooses?

Most of such coffee meetings guarantee a good talk and knowing an interesting person. I’ve the answer to the question if I’d like to work for such a person. Each of us chooses without any pressure.

What’s the goal?

This first talk lets know each other in neutral circumstances. It is time to verify if we are matched and if we believe we can achieve goals together.

What relation?

Partnership. Nobody works for anybody. Nobody assesses anyone. Following a PR campaign requires cooperation which means NOT following schedules deliver from outside by a PR agency. Without relation, no PR realisation.

The end?

Happy. Because such stories of relations we write ourselves. So this happy end depends on us. This time is a real chance for long and fruitful relation with a successful story to share in future. Before final ‘yes’, I will try shacking up.

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