Email Business Writing


Learn how to write

emails with precision and  a human-centered approach

3 online sessions


What will you learn?

You will learn how to use a military precision in your emails to achieve clear understanding. I will show you how to achieve great communication results following H2H approach  and using your unique personal skills.

This offer consists of:

Intro session is focus on you and your needs and goals which you would like to achive during the session

1st session is focused on your email writing ( strengths and weaknesses)

2nd session is about how to write with a military precision

3rd session is about advantages of H2H approach


How you write matters in business a lot. From my experience it is even crucial skill for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. In fact, it is more important than ever because of 3 facts:

Emails have a powerful business tool – how to master them?

Digital communication,  like communicators, are new challenges – how to use them effectively?

Most business activity is about writing – how to use this fact the best?

More about the importance of emailing in business in this article:

I’m a philologist and a communications specialist with much experience in international business. Areas of specialization are :

  • professional business writing,
  • NVC communication/negotiations in business
  • copywriting in business
  • creative writing for business and life purposes

Improving your writing skills is essential for successful communication and these sessions  deliver effective learning experiences.


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