Tallinn has got much power over me. Even I am tired, sleepy with many dilemma in my head, I go out to meet this city. It shares its calmness with me.

The most quiet love in my life. The place I don’t talk much about. The place I like to be alone here. The place I want to come back again.

Place: Tallinn.

La dolce vita

You wake up. You are in the sun. Some steps and you swim in this lake. The morning silence everywhere. Then breakfast outside, a long walk, another jump into the lake and in the evening pizza with white wine della casa.

And this is happiness. It waits for everyone. It is impossible to have it always, every day, but a day, two, some… and there is! Its name is DOLCE and surname VITA. And it lives in Peschiera del Garda. It was mine for a while… Where is yours?

Location: Peschiera del Garda

Silva in May

Silva  (in Latin forest, wood) can save you from all life mess which is unimportant but seems to be crucial in the concrete jungle we live. I practice sylvotherapy (contact with the energy o trees) often. And how does it work? You need to be in a forest to feel it and then you’ll understand.

Place: Bory Tucholskie National Park, Poland

The ocean in spring

Walking along the ocean in a warm spring, like this on Grand Canaria. Someone wrote that only the ocean and the sky know what calmness really means. Maybe that’s why walking here gives so much goodness for inner being. The spring there while here in February is a freezing winter.

Location: Maspalomas, Grand Canaria.


Who is the most photographed in Bratislava? He. The watcher who has been looking at people from 1997. Its sculptor, Victor Hulik, says he does not symbolic anything. But it gives some thoughts to see him at this place watching me. The story says that a wish will come true for you if you touch the head of the man – if you keep it secret forever!